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Mona Kattan
Mona Kattan is a well known Iraqi-American resident of Dubai known for her early on achievements in entrepreneurship. She was born and raised in the United States and moved to the UAE when she was 17 years old. After graduating with a Bachelors in Finance from The American University of Sharjah, she worked in the Investment Banking scene for a Singaporean Bank in the DIFC. She is Co-Founder of MasterMind PR, The Dollhouse and The Puppet Show. She is also Managing Partner of Hudabeauty.com and founder of AdventuresInMonaland.com (Entertainment & Fashion Blog). At the age of 27 she is described as an ambitious Glamourista! Kattan aspires to build her empire in the beauty industry and The Dollhouse is what she calls only the tip of the iceberg for what she has planned.

Basma Al Fahim
Basma Al Fahim is an Emirati from Abu Dhabi. She is also described as a very ambitious business woman. As founder of Eventra Events, she has actively helped promote young businesses through her bazaars and exhibitions. Coming from an extremely well–known family background, Al Fahim dreams of following in her families footsteps and setting an example as a young, Emirati pioneering business woman.

Mona and Basma are very close friends who have known each other for nearly 10 years now. They met while studying in AUS and they have been best friends ever since. They both share the same enthusiasm for business and hope to make The Dollhouse raise the bar for salons not only in the UAE but also raise standards better than any other done before.